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Articles about Teaware and Tea

Shino Glaze and Tea Ceramics

Shino (志野釉) is the generic term for a ceramic glaze originating in Japan. Japan has one of the oldest tea cultures, so it's not surprising that Shino is often used for tea ceramics (Shino Ware). Famous old tea masters, such as Furuta Oribe and Sen no Rikyu, were thrilled by ...
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Green tea – cultivation, processing and 3 possibilities for preparation

Green tea is popular among tea lovers all around the world. With justice, because many varieties are genuine highlights, and green tea also has many valuable health ingredients. But what is green tea actually? What differentiates him from other teas? How is it cultivated, harvested, processed, and how is it ...
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The Gongfu Cha Teaceremonie

  "Gongfu Cha" is a tea preparation, which originates in China and is an integral part of the local culture. It differs from the English or Frisian black tea preparation in several points.  Gonfu Cha is not difficult to learn. You only need a bit of practice, loose leaf tea ...
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Woodfired Teaware

  Woodfired teaware is very popular among tea-aficinados. This archaic firing technology has a tradition until the Stone Age. Woodfired ceramic is the most original of all ceramic types! What is Woodfired Pottery? The clue is in the name: woodfired ceramics is the epitome of potterware fired with wood. In ...
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Gaiwan – Teapot and Teabowl in one

The gaiwan is a simple teapot originating in china, reduced to its essentials. Typical gaiwan made from unglazed Yixing clay He combines teapot and teabowl in one and consists of only three parts: -lid -pot -saucer Inexisant are: -spout -filter -handle By its simple shape the gaiwan looks not like a ...
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Seladon Gaiwan

Celadon Teaware

Celadon is widely known as shade. But the term is also often used in context with tea pottery. What is Celadon Ceramic? Seladon is a jadegreen ceramic glaze. However, further colors exist from bluish-green to bluish-gray. Depending on the glaze composition, firing and cooling techniques, fine cracks can be formed ...
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